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How I created my biggest artwork for Chevrolet alias with a bit of confidence we can do an incredibl

Today was a very special day as a unique sculpture was revealed in a Little Caesars arena in Detroit. It was named WHEELS & WINGS: A CHEVROLET TRIBUTE TO THE ICONIC DETROIT RED WINGS LOGO.

And yes, you have guessed right it was made by me...

It was a true honour to be picked by Chevrolet (GM) from so many wonderful artists from all over the world!

But I won't lie I did hesitate at first if I should even consider the offer, to work on this commission as I have never created anything of a such a massive scale before and this was some serious beastly one! Also other ''minor''

​​challenges involved. Like working with brand new parts not scrap metal, which is my usual style, don’t take me wrong it has it benefits but I was just not sure if everything will fit as I couldn’t see the parts before we actually started working on it. As the request was to build the sculpture in Detroit (client wanted to keep it authentic Detroit born) meant working in unfamiliar environment, which for someone who has never been to USA before, hardly speaks the language and is used to small scale creations made in his own studio and tools, was quite hard to swallow...

Anyhow...the challenge was way too exciting to say no to. Plus after all we were creating a sculpture for ''THE'' DETROIT'S RED WINGS who have had some of ours best ice-hockey players on their teams like

the absolute legend Dominic Hasek. No, was simply not an option!

Eventually with a passionate help from my representative and teammate Denise we have conquered all the tricky logistics bits and landed in Detroit at the start of the May and 4 weeks, buckets of sweat and many forbidden swearwords released the WHEELS & WINGS giant was born!

And before I forget, I want to share a little secret. I f you ever manage to stop by in Detroit's Little ceasar arena, don't forget to go and check the sculpture out and when you are there see if you can spot a small Chevrolet hub cup hidden within the sculpture :) For hint, check the pictures bellow. ..And what makes it so special. Well it is known that I like to add some special bits to my pieces to give them even more soul and

personality and as this sculpture was created strictly with new parts, we just had to balance it out with something really old right? So Denise went on Ebay and found this little treasure and piece of history as the Hub cup is dating back to 1918.

Bellow is official press release by Chevy and few more pics from the this unique journey. Enjoy!

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