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If you know a bit about me you already know I not only love motorbikes but got a weak spot for great cars is well...

And therefore 'The Bull' sculpture, inspired by the Lamborghini logo, was born! This is his story:

The story of THE BULL...

Once upon a time in an old converted garage was born an idea of a unique metal beast who dared to be different from his brothers and sisters... he started out simply as a sketch and then, over a four-month period, thanks to clever use of a dangerous UGI welding technique The Bull stepped out from the sketch and became part of the real world. The Bull is the most complex of all my creations so far; its 168 unique metal parts have been carefully recycled and brought back to life to serve a new beautiful purpose. The majority of the used parts for the piece originally came from cars and motorbikes that I have gathered gradually over time fixing motors for living. A few main parts are from BMW 323 which are over 30 years old! But there is one very special personal part - a small antique wrench tool placed in the head of The Bull which belonged to my grandfather, it was he who first taught me how to fix cars when I was young. The Bull is also my first sculpture to contain a used watch mechanism - creating a fragile heart for the strong mighty beast. This powerful yet intricate sculpture is strength, courage and gentleness united, a tough metal body containing the heart and passion of my own.

The Bull is a symbol of power and love working together as one.

Not long after he was created he made his way to Lamborghini showroom in Pangborne where for a few weeks, he stood proudly, comparing his strength along some of the most powerful cars in the world!

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